Defensive Cyber Operations

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Diode is excited to be part of the US Space Force’s (USSF) defensive cyber operations program at the Catalyst Accelerator Defensive Cyber Operations (CADCO) this spring. Diode’s disruptive technology in blockchain defined perimeters is evolving the Internet and is helping enterprise expand their security perimeters for teams and assets.

“The Catalyst Accelerator, powered by the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/RV), exists to empower nontraditional technology companies to accelerate their involvement in the national defense ecosystem by providing connections, mentorship, and business development in a collaborative setting for a lasting national impact. Resilient cyberspace architecture is a key to US Space Force (USSF) system security. USSF cyber operators must provide mission assurance of the critical networks and systems they protect, in an increasingly contested, congested, and degraded environment. Therefore, the USSF, in conjunction with AFRL/RV, sought disruptive technologies and capabilities to aid in and further the mission of the warfighter for defensive cyber operations for space.”

Diode will be joining a cohort comprised of the Catalyst Accelerator team, Government and Industry experts, and seven other small businesses.

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