Diode Drive Product Update

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The Diode Drive 1.7.14 release is a minor update that includes the following improvements:

  • Nomad Plan: The Nomad plan, Diode free evaluation plan, has been expanded to allow up to 10 team members.  We made this update in order to allow larger teams to evaluate Diode’s entry level features.
  • Mobile menu: The user experience on iOS and Android has been improved to make navigating between Zones and within a Zone easier.  The “Quick Access” bar is now always the mobile app’s “home page” for a Zone, allowing users to access chats, files/folders, and other Zones quickly.
  • Draft chat messages: Chat messages that you’ve started will now be retained when you navigate away and then come back later to complete.  This makes it easy to reference other information, or to jump in on other real-time conversations, when composing a more formal chat message.
  • Chat message styling: Chat messages can now contain bold, italic, and other styling elements.  You can now use cmd-b (ctrl-b) for bold, or cmd-i (ctrl-i) for italics, and other common styling shortcuts to make your chats beautiful!

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